” My home ” just after reading this two real magical words you might have gone through all flashbacks, memories, magical air, smell, feel love, warmth but especially those family members who actually made that place home.

I still remember my father only told me the difference between home and house.
He told me where our family lives are home and any other roof we live in is house! And I just can’t forget that!

When we actually go to Home back from our school, college, office, workplace, what is the first thought, who is the person we look for?

It may be just Mom, dad, sister, brother or maybe a pet!

So can you feel your home right now right here?

Most of the people reading this might not live at their home due to different reasons or might be lucky enough to live at home.
Some people do think it’s a privilege to live in another city and work but deep inside they do remember their home.

Friends, you know what made me think about this beautiful thought of ” My Home ” , ” Mera Ghar ” , ” Maz Ghar”.

This wonderful child of Deep Pratishthan School and their extremely heart touching work.

I know nowadays people are dreaming about big houses, lots of properties but when I saw their work that reminds me and made me think about My Home, My Very Home and how it actually feels.

These Children have a chapter named “My Home” and their teachers have given them work on different types of home.

You will be touched after looking at the pictures because might be some of you must have played and lived in that type of “home.”I don’t know if there is plenty of money, all luxurious available to you or not but I guarantee there must be plenty of love and ample of memories you can find, where luxury only meant to sit together, work together and eat together.

Let’s have a look at Deep Pratishthan School Children’s Appreciable Work

Well, most of you might be thinking what’s so unique in it,

The children studying here are from middle-class families or most of those who can’t afford even basic education and most importantly they are not just leaning A for Apple but A for Art, B for Ball but also B for Brotherhood they are actually learning H for Home also H for Honesty,
I for Indian and more!

This is the education, the learning these children are actually getting!

Various activities, different perceptions just one goal to make those Children be Tomorrow’s Responsible Citizen.

Bacche Wahi Pr Education System Sahi. !!

Come and join this journey with us.

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